2021-2022 UC Women in Technology Executive Board

Liz Tremblay Co-President


I am a 4th year in computer science minoring in business analytics from Chicago, IL. I’m really excited to be co-president again this year and can’t wait to work on creating opportunities for the community. What I really love about WIT is that it brings together women from engineering, IT, IS, CS, and the like. The org has given me the chance to connect with amazing female/nonbinary leaders on campus that I wouldn’t meet in my classes or otherwise.

Lina Kaval Co-President


I am a 4th year CS major with a BANA Cert! WIT has been a source of growth for me – I’ve had the opportunity to attend WeCode and workshops like CTF. I hope to help other women grow in their personal, professional, and academic lives.

Erin Byerly Treasurer


I am a 5th-year student with a major in computer engineering and a minor in computer science. I joined WIT to get to know more amazing women in tech and gain more knowledge and support from them, and I’ve come to love the community. As treasurer, I want to be able to bring more women in and give them amazing opportunities to gain confidence and passion in this male-dominated field.

Francesca Suba Communications Chair


I am a 3rd year IT major in Software Development, and I am also in the Masters Accelerated Program. Coming into this brand new major in my 2nd year, WiT has been a huge support system for me. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in MakeUC, get mentorship, and network with companies. As communications chair, I hope to recruit more women to the club so we can continue providing these amazing resources. I want to cultivate a closer community within WiT, while also expanding our outreach externally.

Teresa Hawk Events Chair


I’m a 2nd year majoring in biomedical engineering and minoring in computer science! I love WiT because it has given me a support network of passionate women who are always willing to help me with computing and with all kinds of things. As events chair, I want to foster a strong sense of community among this group so everyone can meet and feel comfortable with each other.

Mariah Mendez


I am a 3rd Year IT Major. I love WiT because it’s the perfect place to meet other women who share the same passion for technology. I want to assist the exec board in making WiT, even more, inviting to students, and expanding our reach.

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